Bangladesh Flag now at AUAP (Association of Universities of the Asia Pacific)

Bangladesh Flag now at AUAP (Association of Universities of the Asia Pacific)

To help our students become global players Bangladesh universities need to move more and more into internationalization. The idea is to give our students international exposure through student exchanges, attending summer camps, doing internships abroad, doing joint research projects, finishing degrees abroad, e.g., 2+2 or 3+1 and also hiring international faculty members. Some universities in Bangladesh have already started such programs involving students internationally. Joint programs with universities in Europe, America and Australia, while very lucrative are beyond the financial reach of the majority of our students. Increasing the scope of movement within the countries of the Asia Pacific region would allow many more students to gain overseas experience. Daffodil International University (DIU) invites all universities in Bangladesh to think about expanding such scope. DIU would like to support such an effort by the universities.

Some universities in Bangladesh including DIU are members of the Association of Universities of the Asia Pacific (AUAP) – an international NGO holding the highest formal consultation rights with UNESCO. The primary purpose of AUAP is to be the voice of the universities in the Asia and Pacific region while promoting interaction and collaboration among the members. To date universities in Bangladesh were ordinary members. Now on November 19th, 2018, the Chairman of Daffodil Family and DIU, Mr. Md Sabur Khan has been elected as Second Vice President of the Executive Council for the next 8-year term. The flag of Bangladesh will now sit on the EC table where we will be able to vote on policies that promote movement within the Asia Pacific region for our students.

DIU is very pleased to be able to share this news and welcomes suggestions for policies of participation by other universities in Bangladesh. We would like to work together with all universities in Bangladesh for the betterment of our students.

The success achieved at AUAP may not be a discrete event for Bangladesh but has given us the confidence to move for the days ahead. Firstly, it is an absolutely a proud moment for us. Through winning this position a Bangladeshi is going to lead this board for the first time in history. Secondly, it is bringing the truth before us that, Bangladesh is coming up in the leadership role of such prestigious organizations. Thirdly, this position has opened the opportunities for Bangladesh to be more vibrant in the international arena. Since we have the talented young leaders and a huge young population so it gives us the hope that we are coming up as the true emerging nation in near future. We would like to take the highest potential opportunities offered by being a member of this board.

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