We Need to Change

We Need to Change

Through workshops, memos, motivational sessions, official instructions and official policies and more, we have tried to improve the overall state and face of this university. This is because we know, that any leader or teacher who is unable to learn and develop skills, as well as basic human skills, will not be able to teach their students no matter how many memos and workshops we try to implement.

As you know, many universities worldwide have implemented Art Of Living programs and Change Together programs, we have implemented the Art of Living program before them. But our teachers themselves are not familiar with the Art of Living program themselves. And if our teachers are unable to learn about the Art of Living, then we cannot expect the students to be able to learn by themselves. Cause I believe, that when a teacher walks into a class and notices the actions and the characteristics of students, then later in his free time, whether when it’s walking from class to class or during his break, takes their time to comment on the students livelihood then the primary goal of Art of Living has been achieved. For example, we can see when a teacher walks into an elevator, how do the students react, do they lower their bag? Do they lower their voice and stand to aside. How do they react when a teacher walks into a class? Are there any changes in their behavior?

Sometimes when we read the emails and comments of the students, we realize that this is just wrong, although not all students. But we can see from time to time that when something does occur, people aren’t afraid to blame the organization or the community without thought or consideration. We all know that each and every university student of ours have a maturity of themselves if they’re able to influence their peers and their classmates then there will be an overall positive effect in our whole environment. Sometimes, when students are provided with guidance and feedback, they’re not able to understand it well and take it as an insult. Such as when laptops are given to them and programs given to them, they ask for better configurations and better-branded laptops. Unfortunately, 90% of our students that are mature and able to control themselves, they stay quiet. And I think that we should add a part in Art of Living where we inspire this 90% to work together to speak up about their perspectives. We can see throughout history that when people work together we are able to achieve great things and we need to tell these students that they need to rise up and speak up. So I request, that when you go to the rooms and the classes find out about your surroundings, keep it healthy, like when we want a room cleaned, we must keep it clean ourselves, we cannot rely on others and must change it ourselves because we know the people who use the room after us will insult us rather than anyone else.

I have a request that when people think of Daffodil that they think of a prideful and esteemed university that is the pride and will of the nation and when parents think of universities they think of Daffodil. From where great people will rise and graduate. So I request that all the teachers study and examine every aspect of Art of Living so that we can create a better community that will be able to have a benefit in our country as a whole. Because when we see the children and their comments on the university pages, we think of who nursed them. If we can develop our students then we can become a great university in which we can proudly say that Daffodil is the greatest and creates the best of the best.

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